Friday, 26 April 2013


Less than a week until our new arrival gets here, and excitement is running high in the Onion household! Although not a hamster related thing I was thinking of doing an article on introducing new cats into a family who already own cats, what do you think?

Sadly we only have Pea now :( and it isn't looking like we will be getting any more hamsters for quite some time, although I'm pretty sure Smudge thinks he is a hamster XD. But do not despair! I will still write about hamsters and I am still a secret hamsterholic (but don't tell my partner).

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Time Away

I've just returned from some time away visiting my parent's and it was lovely. They have a cat called Molly who tends to have some rather epic temper tantrums and one night she sat facing away from us in a sulk. She's so funny, but made me miss my kitties :(

Friday, 12 April 2013

Market Research and Updated Pets

Let me start by saying I am back, properly this time. Life took a bit of an unexpected turn but now everything is sorted I can get back to what I love, making videos and writing blog posts!

Sadly, in the time I have been gone various pets have passed away. I now have Pea, Titan, Nika, the millipedes, Smudge and 2 cats, soon to be 3.

Smudge is my mouse, and he is the  nicest creature I have ever known. He loves to cuddle and run all over me at playtime, its great.

Anyway this is only a quick post to say hello again, and also to ask for help. I have recently branced out into owning an ebay shop, and I sell pet supplies. At the moment I only have a few dog toys and treats, and some cat things on the way, but what I would love to know is what pet owners like to buy. Obviously I know what I like, but what do YOU like, let me know and I will try to stock it. Thanks you lovely people!

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