Monday, 30 July 2012

Where was I? o.o

So sadly I've been off here for a while, making the odd video here and there but not writing any posts. Quite frankly, the past month? 2 months? I don't even know...they have been a bit full on. I'm please to say that its sorted now, apart from moving house in a few weeks.

Since I last wrote a post Little Man has passed. He had a tumor, and was clearly unwell. The vet sent him home for us to make comfortable and say our goodbyes, and he passed a couple of weeks later. He is now buried in my mum's garden, under a flower <3.

A while later we aquired 2 giant African Land Snails and an emporer scorpion! Not to replace, Little Man, we would never replace him, but the new pets had been planned for a while before he passed, so we just put them on hold til after. I'll put some pictures of them at the end.

I should be back to posting again, now life has calmed down, so I won't say to much here ;)

This is Nika, my partner's female emporer scorpion.

This is Hector and nameless (at the moment) my Giant African Land Snails.

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