Sunday, 12 February 2012

My brother came to stay...

My brother is over staying at my house for a week and so the zoo has been relegated to the kitchen :(. He refuses to sleep in a room with them due to the noise, and I can't say I blame him, so they are all living on the kitchen table at the moment:
and the poor mice don't fit so they are on the floor:
On a plus note, I can see when they are awake easier and take them out, on a negative note Munchkin makes me feel terrible because he can see me all the time, and always wants out ><.

I also aquired a huge 80L plastic box to keep my megazorb in, because it is a pain in the backside having the huge open bag sitting around. Yay for storage solutions!


  1. All banished, poor things... Think about all of those tasty smells they'll have to deal with in the kitchen ;---)

  2. I feel so sorry for them they keep getting extra cuddles and treats <3