Sunday, 19 February 2012

So you decided you want a hamster...

Looks like a shopping trip is in order! It is a good idea to have everything you need before you actually aquire your hamster, instead of buying it at the same time.

First off, you need a cage. Pretty obvious really. What isn't as obvious is that you need a bigger cage than most pet shops sell. These animals may be small but they need SPACE. If you think about it, most hamsters live in their cages for 95%+ of their day, and if they have a cage that is too small then it can be really frustrating (often a cause of bar chewing). Here is a quick list of recommended cages for each type of hamster, please take this on board as it saves you money replacing cages later on.

Dwarf, Chinese and Roborovski

Single hamster - Mini Duna - The smallest I would recommend for a single hamster of these breeds, I had a chinese in one, and now my robo lives in there. Ideally I would go for something larger but not everyone has the space.

                        - Zoozone 1 - The bigger option, if you have the space your hamster will appreciate this over the mini duna. Just remember they need the top grill meshing (metal mesh attatching to the grill to prevent escapes)
                       - Imac Bingo - I can only find the link for Pet Supermarket for this cage, if you are intending on buying it don't get it from there. Wait until other pet supplies websites have it in stock. I had terrible service from Pet Supermarket >_>. This cage is only slightly smaller than the Zoozoone 1.

There is also the option of going for an aquarium, but this needs to be as large as the mini duna, if not larger.

Two hamsters (only in the case of robo or dwarf. Never house chinese together, the risk of fighting is too high) -  Zoozone 1 again would work for a pair, or even better the Zoozone 2 to give them the extra space and lower the risk of fighting.

I'm only listing tank style cages here as it is widely believed the smaller varieties of hamsters can fit through bars that have more than 0.8cm bar spacing, which most do. I have also only summarised cages, if you don't want any of these then look around for something you prefer, just bear in mind the sizes of these.


I am only listing cages for single syrians here, because you should never EVER house more than one syrian per cage. They are solitary animals and do not need company from others of their kind. They fight to the death when faced with another syrian.

The RSPCA recommends cages of 75cmx50cm as the smallest acceptable for a syrian. Most people believe they need slightly more, me included.

Hamster Heaven - A fantastic cage for syrians, I have mine in one of these and he loves it. There is so much space and it doesn't look too bad either. This is one of the more expensive cages available for hamsters.

Zoozone 2 - This is also suitable for syrians, although the top does need meshing again.

Hagen Big One - I cannot find a link for this in my quick internet search but it meets the minimum requirements and I have heard good reviews.

The Bin cage - Depending on size can be suitable for both the smaller varieties of hamsters, and the syrian. The only downside is they need a little bit of DIY. They are just a simple storage box, so can be the cheapest option :D

It is best to get the cage a few days before you get the hamster so you can set it up and ease the transition of your new pet, it also means they don't have to spend too long in their carrier.

I'm going to end this post here as it is a lot longer than I expected. If you have any questions regarding cages please ask me in the comments. Next post all about what else you will need.

***Quick side thing*** I've just seen this on Youtube from one of the people I subscribe to and I think its a great idea, I love home-made stuff for my hams. Certainly something to try out. Check it out and give it a go, but make sure you use it as a very occasional treat because of the high sugar content.


  1. I have that glass cage for Lolly!! :)
    I think it might be slightly bigger though...
    Like the post!

    Hannah xxx :)

    1. I don't have it but it looks like a great cage :D