Thursday, 5 April 2012


Hamsters are very active creatures and need a lot of exercise. On average in the wild they run a huge 8km a night! To provide them with the tools for this mammoth run they should be given a wheel.

There are a huge amount of wheel types on the market, many of which I have covered before. The main thing to look at is the size. For a syrian you need to aim for an 8" wheel from the beginning. Yes they are tiny when you get them as babies but they grown a lot, and to avoid upgrading wheels every month you should start with the right size :).

Good wheels:

For dwarf hamsters I wouldn't go below 6.5" just because I want the hams to be comfortable.

Bad wheels:

These wheels are a health hazard and can cause hamsters feet, tails or fur to get caught...AVOID.

Another form of excersise is a run around ball. I personally like them because it gives the hamsters freedom without having to watch their every move. Make sure you get one large enough, and never leave your ham unsupervised. I stay in the same room but it means I don't have to watch them just listen.

Lastly is free roaming. You can do this in a safe place with your ham running free but you must supervise at all times.


  1. Just look at those sweet eyes, you can tell ham wants a reward.

  2. Love the bottom pic. :D

  3. I love the bottom pic too! Too cute for words

  4. Friends had a hamster ball. It was a riot! I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

  5. Hi, you are the third "hamsterite" I have visited today. They are cute little animals, but stinky and noisy. They need to be far away from your bedroom at night, otherwise, they may get their sleep during the day, but you get none. We had a hamster when my daughters were teenagers. Needless to say, after about a year, that little dude was gone. Ha. Gotta go, more blog hopping to do. Regards to you, Ruby

  6. Cute blog! We had a hamster "adventure" with my daughter. She loved pets and animals of all kinds, and when she was in about 2nd grade decided on hamsters. Of course we had to get 2 so they wouldn't be lonely...the pet store promised they were two "females"...and you can guess that a few weeks later there were little ones...I called the pet store to see if the dad would eat the babies and they informed me that the mom was probably already pregnant again as they breed within 15 minutes of giving birth...that was in *interesting* spring as they just kept mating and mating and mating...finally we got them all given away...and a few months later got guinea pigs. YEp, two of them. Yep, again, two *females.* :-)