Friday, 6 April 2012


Whever possible it is always nice ot allow your furry friends freedom in the form of supervised floor time. I allow mine to run around my bedroom, ensuring dangerous places are blocked off, and this gives them a larger degree of freedom than, for example, a ball or playpen does. They can go pretty much entirely where they like and explore otherwise off limits areas.

Not only is it fun and exciting for them, but it helps the bond between you and your hamster. It is but one part of hamster owning that I love so much, just ensure the spaces are safe :).


  1. I'm so freaking scared to to that!

    1. It helps with trust as well, but I make sure they are in a completely safe zone where they can't escape from the room :)

  2. Yeah, we have a bunch of not safe stuff; Wally will stick to the ball. :D

  3. Thanks for a hamsterific post! I've owned a few hamsters in the past & they were all such individuals :)