Monday, 9 April 2012

Harry/Hazel Hamster

Possibly the best hamster food on the market at the moment. I make my own with this as a base, but if you just want to buy a bag of food, no fuss, and feed your hams then this is your best bet. All of mine who have it love everything in it (except the little alfalfa sticks) and nom to their hearts content when they get fed. The only thing I would mention is if you are feeding this to a dwarf hamster (this applies to all dwarf hamsters bar roborovskis) then you will need to remove the corn as they are prone to diabetes.

Otherwise, an all round fantastic food, better than pellets as it gives the hamsters something to forage, better than other foods on the market because it isn't full of nasty colourings, just better! Go buy some XD


  1. LOL! You ARE a hamsterholic! We used to have a hamster called Hopkin who was a real athlete and used to swing from his bars at the top of his cage. He was a character great fun.

    My blog is also about animals, endangered one, if you are interested, I'm leaving you my A-Z link as blogger
    always identifies me as my shared blog with other poets - my A-Z is this one:

  2. I've never owned a hamster, but always wanted to. I once had a mouse that was as big as a hamster...but that doesn't count ;)

  3. I had no idea anything about hamster-care before reading your blog. Just knew that they were cute little I think I might let my tween get one. Well, we'll decide after we read all of your posts!!

    Enjoying the A to Z Challenge and meeting new bloggers! Keep up the good work!

    1. lovely to hear, they are such interesting little things :)