Friday, 2 March 2012


I'm going to take a break in my scheduled posts to update everyone on my animals. Sadly, Little Man has diabetes, confirmed today. I'm a bit of a mess because my usual cuddle monster is now the world's worst biter and I'm so sad about it. I will be changing his diet to reflect his illness, and giving him more ball time to make him excersise but cuddle time will be a no no until his behaviour improves, I like my fingers in tact...

 Cuddling in his better days

The rest of the animals are doing well, the mice are becoming tame, and lovely little creatures. Munchkin is fine, Pea is doing great in the zoozone since I changed her from the Imac Fantasy and Winter is a bundle of fun as usual. Sorry this post is so short, I'm one sad Onion today :(

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