Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Taming your hamster

Once you get your hamster home, leave it to settle in for a day or two to make sure it isn't too freaked out when you start taming. After that, you can start taming.

You will need: Hamster ball/toilet tube
                     A bath, large playpen or plastic box
                  And of course your hamster!
Now you can begin:
  1. Sit by the cage and talk to your hamster for a couple of days to get it used to your voice.
  2. Sit with your hand in the cage for half an hour a day, still talking to your hamster.
  3. Sit with a treat in your hand in the cage and see if they take it.
  4. Get to a stage where your hamster is sitting either on your hand to eat or eating from it.
  5. Take your hamster out of its cage with either a running ball, a toilet roll tube, or something similar and sit in an empty bath with it, allowing it to run all over you. (If you don't have a bath, then use a large playpen you can sit in, or a large plastic box with nothing in so they cannot get distracted).
  6. Allow your hamster to come to you in its own time.
  7. After a while of doing this, you will know when they are ready, you can attempt to pick your hamster up. Once they allow you to do that then it is easy! 

Over time they will become more and more tame the more cuddles you give them. Munchkin, my syrian gets up to an hour cuddle time a night and he is incredibly tame, although a little jumpy, and some hams are just like that. You will find out your hams disposition in no time :D.

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