Friday, 23 March 2012

Poor babies :(

Last night I rescued 2 male chinese hamsters. They arrived at my door in a shoe box with clingfilm over the top, unnamed and unloved. The shavings lining the bottom of the shoe box were filthy, and there was hardly any food in their bowl, which was also filthy. They are tame, which shows something I guess, but very timid. The woman ask me some ridiculous questions, such as "are you going to breed them?" when I told her about Pea. I rescued them because they lived like this:

And arrived in this:

Both of them, in that cage. To be perfectly honest I felt a little sick when they arrived. In my opinion it was bordering on animal abuse. I took them and immediately took the climgfilm off, she took the money and left and I put them in their new cage which is huge compared to what they were in. She was praising the cage they used to be in, saying how fantastic it was, then I showed her what they were going into and she shut right up. 

Anyway, they are nameless so suggestions welcome, I'm formulating a list so I  an try them all out. Here they are, two beautiful little boys:

The cage looks mucky because I had to put a little of their shavings in there to make them feel at home, and help prevent fighting. It is unusual for chinese hamsters to live together in harmony, so we will see how things go. At this moment in time they are snuggled together sleeping so fingers crossed it continues as this is stressful time they are going through.


  1. Oh, my...! What a cute little faces... Such a right thing to do I mean saving them... I feel so angry when I hear stories like that... Hard to believe some people act like that... They look so unsure, poor little things... Thanks God their nightmare is over. Surely they're going to be all right now with you. Good luck with them.

  2. I thought of names for them which are Polish names of some famous fable pairs of twin brothers: Bolek i Lolek, Jacek i Placek, ┼╗wirek i Muchomorek (well, these were not twins actually they were dwarfs, hehe) Enjoy! ;-)

    1. Thanks Squeeze, added to the list!

  3. Poor little babies! I know you can give them a much better home! Our friends had two Chinese Dwarfs in an aquarium and one of them fought the other one and broke his leg. :( I'm hoping something like that won't happen to you! Good luck!

  4. That's terrible! What about calling them Bubble and Squeak? They are such cute little things, it is awful that someone could do that to them.

  5. :( I feel so sorry for those poor little babies, but they're in good hands now. Hmmmm, can't think of any names right now, but if I do I'll let you know!

  6. Hey, I thought of some names:

    Ernie and Bert (I named my first hamsters those names)
    Oreo and Cookie