Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hamster Noms

I don't need to clean any more cages out yet (holding out for Little Man's new cage) but I did need to make up some new hamster mixes, so I thought I would give a blog on that instead of another review :D.

I do make my own mixes but the base, which makes most of the food up, is Harry Hamster (Hazel Hamster in the US). I find this food is excellent quality, and not too expensive at around £1.80 per 850g bag, and considering it lasts me ages because I mix things in then it works out as a great deal:
After adding the main food, I then add several other things to give variety:
  • Uncooked red lentils
  • Plain puffed rice
  • Uncooked white rice
  • Uncooked pearl barley
  • Porridge oats - only around winter
  • Bird seed - for the dwarves, not for the syrian
  • Wagg small animal food
I feed the dwarves a different mix to Munchkin because he doesn't like the fiddly little seeds, so for the syrian mix I don't add the bird seed or rice.

The dwarf mix looks like this:
and I keep it in a plastic box I bought from ASDA with a little scoop, its perfect for hamster food:D
They seem to eat most of it, except the green/brown little pellets of alfalfa. I have no idea why they even put it in hamster mixes anymore because 90% of hamsters don't like it >_>.

Munchkin, the syrian's mix is slightly different. It has less seeds and more puffed rice and Wagg because he hates messing with the little pieces and tends to leave them. 

So they are my mixes, pretty simple and most of it tends to get eaten. I feed one scoop to Munchkin, and half a scoop to the dwarves every two days to make sure most if not all of it is eaten.

Onto treats, which everyone loves ;). I feed treats 3 times a week, slightly more when taming as a bit of a bribe, and I have quite a collection of them :o which I didn't even realise until I got them out for a photo XD:

  • Bonio puppy bones
  • Egg biscuits
  • Various fruit and vegetable drops - great for use in taming
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Baby food
  • Peanuts in their shells
  • Rice drops
  • Scrambled egg - not shown as I don't want egg all over my bed XD
  • Mealworms (not live *shudder*)
They love the puppy bones, and it is the funniest thing watching Munchkin trying to fit it up the tube in his hamster heaven! He carries it round like a dog, so cute ^_^. Treats should be given as exactly that, a treat, and they should never be fed too much as they can be bad for hamsters in large amounts. Not all of the hamsters like mealworms, so I don't have any at the moment, but some of them do so they get them as an extra treat every now and then.

The baby food is great for hamsters as a treat, just make sure there is no onion in it because that is bad for hamsters:
They're the ones I chose, and chicken is great for hams because of the protein, as is egg and mealworms.

I give the bird seed bells from Pets at Home to Pea and Winter, and they love them, I can gaurentee they are gone withing two days after being placed in the cage lol. I also have corn sticks for Munchkin, but I would never give them to any of the others because of the high sugar content.
In the box you can see little fruit biscuits, but none of mine like those for whatever reason so I've had these for ages.

Thats everything, any questions please ask, hope you enjoyed my random blog post XD

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