Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mini Duna Cage Review

Another cage review..."YAY" I hear you shout XD. Today's review is of the mini duna as I had to clean Winter out and shes in that one.

So, dimensions are 55 x 39 x 27cm although the floor space is slightly smaller as the sides slope in a little bit. I find it is a great cage for the smaller varieties of hamster, chinese, russians and roborovski but in it is in no way ok for syrians. It isn't big enough at all, and to be perfectly honest I'm starting to think about upgrading Winter to a bigger one as she is so active.

Anyway, rambling aside, this is what the cage comes with:
  • Water bottle
  • Food bowl
  • Plastic shelf
  • Plastic house
  • Water bottle holder
  • Wheel - I don't have this anymore as it was terrible quality, noisy and generally horrible. It did attach to the shelf.
The pros of this cage are that it is nice and deep, meaning you can fit a lot of substrate into it which is fantastic for hammies that love digging, which Winter does. It is also a tank style cage which keeps substrate in, and prevents bar chewing *yay*. The shelf is really good because it adds another level, and means your hamster has more space.

It is also really easy to clean, I just empty it, spray with pet safe disinfectant and then use the shower to wash it out. The door on top is huge which means easy access to your hamster :D. The price is also fantastic, retailing at £25 in most shops. I got mine from Pets at Home and they come in white, pink, blue and teal.

There are not many cons in my view, only the wheel really, which I got rid of almost straight away. I guess the biggest con is the size, as hamsters almost always like more space.

With the little house you get, it clips into the shelf which means it won't be knocked around and your hamster can sleep without sliding around the shelf if you are moving the cage.
Winter sleeps under the shelf, but she did used to sleep in the house.

The dish you get with the cage is huge, so it is probably a better idea to use it as a sand bath ore remove it altogether. I don't use mine as Winter is tiny and the food dish is far too big, as you can see here:
It looks like this when it is all put together:
The bottle fits on the outside with a little holder that sucks ontot he cage. The suckers do mark the plastic after a while (I've had mine about a year and they have only just started marking) but it doesn't really bother me too badly. The top clips onto the base and it feels really sturdy to me, but some people complain of them snapping although that has never happened to me.

The finished cage:

The little purple bowl is for her baby food treat which she gets once a week. The corner san bath is actually a potty which I just use for sand because I have never managed to potty train any of my hamsters ><.

Here is a picture of Winter because I think everyone should get to see the cuteness :D

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