Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Introducing...Pea! (slightly late)

The next fluffy friend I have to introduce is Pea, my female chinese hamster :D. She has been with me a long time now (about 1.5 years) and took a hell of a long time to tame. She never used to come out when the lights were on, or when anyone was in the room, but now she runs to the cage door for cuddle time! It is a pretty amazing transformation, and its fantastic to see her make such progress. She currently lives in an Imac Fantasy:
 I must say I love this cage! Only for a dwarf or chinese though, and I have also housed a robo in there but I wouldn't really advise that as they can squeeze their heads through the bars and get a bit stuck. Mine is only 1 level at the moment (new one on its way) but you can expand up to 5 :o. She loves it, and it is bigger than the mini duna she used to be in. I had to add a wodden bridge up to the top floor as she couldn't manage the tubes at first but now she does it fine.

This is the best picture I have of her at the moment, she is a fast little thing when she wants to be, and doesn't seem to like being in front of the camera XD.
Enjoying an egg biscuit.
I really enjoy owning a chinese hamster, and would recommend them to anyone who has the patience for one, as they can be difficult to tame ;)

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