Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Mouse Amongst Hamsters

Lastly, but most certainly not least, my newest additions. Morgana's bum, and Kayle's face ^_^

Sometimes I worry that they feel left out in a house full of hamsters, but they actually don't seem to care. The live in a zoozone 1:

A fantastic cage for both hamsters and mice, but only ok for mice if you add a lot of hanging toys as they LOVE to climb. Since this picture was taken I've added a hanging sputnik too, which they really enjoy sleeping in. I think it makes them feel safe.

They're not tame at the moment, because it is surprisingly difficult to do. The hamsters were all a lot easier, but it is rewarding all the same when you make progress.

They were born at the end of November 2011, so they are still babies (everyone say AWWW) and I'm really enjoying having them, for the challenge and for the very different natures they have compared to hamsters.

So they are my mice, the odd ones out in a house full of hamsters XD. That's the introductions done :( so what comes next? Possibly cage reviews...wait and see ;)


  1. I'd love cage reviews :) My hammie is in a smallish, off-brand wire cage with not many frills, and I'm sure she wants a new one.

  2. Ok, I'll get started on those then, thanks for the feedback :)