Saturday, 7 January 2012


Munchkin is my male sable banded syrian hamster, and was actually my first furry friend! As I didn't know any better back then I bought him from Pets at Home, which aren't the most reliable pet shop :/. He has just turned one (happy birthday) and is a cheeky little chappy. This is my favourite photo of him, enjoying his green house, we call it the nipple house XD, in the Hamster Heaven:

He recently had a problem with his teeth, they grew too long, and had to have his first vet visit. Thankfully it is fixed now, and he behaved really well :D

He came to me in February of 2011 after years of wanting a hamster, and I can honestly say I don't regret having a syrian one bit! He needs much more attention than any of my others, but he is also the most cuddly.

Originally he was in a Peggy Metro:
Which I now know is FAR TOO SMALL. Like, insanely small. He is now in the Hamster Heaven and the difference is unbelievable:

Anyway, more on cages another time. That is Munchkin, my fluffy little cuddle monster :D

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