Thursday, 5 January 2012

Introducing...Winter :D

Winter is my female Roborovski hamster. She is about 6 months that went fast...and originally came to live with me after a friend had an accidental litter. She was with her sister, who I named Autumn, but unfortunately they fought from the very start and after Autumn bit Winter enough to draw blood I had to separate them :(

She currently lives in a pink mini duna:

and seems very happy there. It isn't the most ideal sized cages but she loves it and it certainly isn't the worst one out there.

Her sister Autumn looked exactly like she does, and she lived in the imac fantasy. She died a week after separation. I'm not sure why, she was fine, playing and eating as normal. I just woke up one day and she was gone. It was a horrible experience, for her to be taken from me so young. However I still have Winter.

I did consider rehoming her but decided against it, seen as we have really bonded recently. So that is Winter, my nutty little lady. She never stops running around, and eating everything, and I love her to bits <3

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