Thursday, 12 January 2012

Introducing...Little Man ^_^

Next member of my menagerie is Little Man, my supposed Winter White. I bought him from a local "trusted" pet shop who breed their own hamsters and was assured he was a winter white, however all that happened this winter is he turned slightly whiter than he used to be >_>. I actually don't mind that much because he has a lovely temperament and is the cutest little guy ever!
I'm quite concerned about his weight, as he seems HUGE compared to how he was, so I've been taking the corn out of his food, and limiting treats.

He currently lives in the zoozone 1, which he doesn't use to its potential  he is such a lazy hamster, I feel the zoozone is being wasted on him. I've ordered an Imac Bingo for him to live in that should be here in the next week so I'm quite excited about that, and until then he will stay in the zoozone. When that arrives the mice will be moved into the zoozone and Little Man will live in the Imac bingo. Musical cages much?

So that is my little guy, he is around 1 year old, possibly less, and he enjoys cuddles, sleeping and being generally lazy :D

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