Monday, 30 January 2012

Peggy Metro Review

Sorry it's a little bit late, I've had a really busy weekend. Munchkin isn't eating from what I can tell and I've been stressing:/. Anyway, I don't have the Peggy metro cage but I used to when I first bought my syrian, so here is a review :).

Dimensions: 37 x 50 x 40cm
  • Water bottle and holder
  • Food bowl
  • Shelf
  • Tubing
  • Wheel
  • Ramp down from the shelf

Please ignore the syrian in this picture, I couldn't find one without a hamster in it >_>. So the pros of this cage...honestly cannot think of any. Perhaps the shelf, because it adds extra space to an otherwise tiny cage. 

Cons, it is too small for most if not all hamsters. The bar spacing is too wide for a robo, and the cage is too small for a full grown syrian or dwarf. I kept baby Munchkin in there for a while until he grew and it became painfully clear that he was too big. The tubes are bad because untame hamsters can use them to hide from you in, and tame hamsters sleep in them, meaning they get stinky, and they can get ill from the condensation they produce. 

The wheel you get with the cage is a savic rolly, and it is too small for a syrian. It is also insanely loud! Even with oil/vasaline on the spindle it can be squeaky.

Basically, I hate this cage, and I hate that pet shops will happily sell it with a hamster when they know full well the hamster will quickly outgrow it. I put Little man in it when I was waiting for his new cage and even he made it look small. Urgh, just no, don't buy it, ignore the pet shop staff and get something bigger. ANYTHING BIGGER haha. When I got mine it was with my first hamster, my syrian, and he was fine for about 2 months and them BOOM too small.

Sorry I don't have more pictures, I didn't have the cage long, and don't have pictures of it. Hopefully you can get the idea of what I'm saying :)

(also sorry for the shorter post, busy busy busy at the moment)

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