Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Oh hello there

First post! I decided to do a blog about hamsters (mostly). I'm pretty sure a lot of it will be full of random hamstery things, but keep an eye out for the little informative gems that will undoubtedly pop up every so often.

I currently raise four hamsters and two mice, and like to think of myself as pretty informed when it comes to the world of rodents. They are such rewarding little creatures, and they never let you down, unlike people...(cynical for the win!)

If it was up to me, ignoring space, money and time, I would have more rodent friends. However, I think what I have now fills my time enough to keep me occupied, and leaves me able to give all of them quality time and still have some left for myself.

If you have any questions for me please do ask, I'm like to think I'm friendly enough :)

**Upcoming posts - Introduction to my animals**

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  1. Just reading through your Posts :)

    I would love some mice but they are so hard to get near me