Sunday, 22 January 2012

Zoozone 1 Review

I got round to cleaning out the mice today, to be honest I left it longer than I should have and they smelt quite bad :/. It should be done once a week with mice but I left it about two because you all know how life can get in the way of these things ;).

Anyway, it gave me the perfect oppertunity to give a review of the zoozone 1!

The dimensions are 72cm (28.25") L x 46cm (18") W x 32.5cm (12.75") H and its retailed as a guinea pig/rabbit cage. It IS NOT big enough for those uses and annoys me to no end that they even list it as suitable for that >_>. It is however perfect for hamsters and mice :D, although I used to have my syrian in mine and I found it too small for him. It is actually recommended by many hamster owners to have syrians in at least a 80x50cm cage, so if you have the space for that then get bigger :). It cost me £35, so not too bad.

The zoozone comes with a hay rack and food/water bowls which I removed, as hamsters/mice don't eat hay. Some people use it as a shelf and put a grass mat or cardboard on it, which is something I haven't done but you could always give it a go. Mine came like this:
without the mesh on the lid, which needs doing if you are going to have high toys in there, or keep a syrian in there, as they can escape as Munchkin did before I meshed it ><. Meshing is pretty simple, if you just buy some small sqared mesh from a garden centre and use cable ties to attach it to the lid:
Sorry for the bad photo, I have no idea what happened with the angle o.o. I think you can get the basic idea though.

So, the pro points of this cage are that it has a very deep base, which means you can fit loads of substrate in which is great for hamsters or mice that love digging.
It is also a really good size for my mice, who live in there currently, and before them it housed Little Man and it was a great size for him (Winter White). Its really easy to clean because it is basically a plastic box, so I just hoover it after tipping the bedding out, then give it a quick disinfect and its done.

The cons are mainly having to mesh, and the water bottle. Grrr, the water bottle is awkward because it is made for a rabbit. You don't get one with the cage, and you don't get anything to attach one I used 2 cable ties to make sort of a ring and that holds the bottle onto the cage: 

It is really awkward and the bottle falls off a lot so I use a little bit of tape to hold the bottle onto the cable ties. 

Overall I do like the cage for my mice, and smaller varieties of hamsters. I hang a lot of toys from the roof as mice love to climb, but when Little Man was in there he had a wooden trixie shelf to give him a bit more room:
and they fit perfectly.

Any questions feel free to ask. Here is the finished product :D

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